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back to the future [Oct. 4th, 2006|12:19 am]
[color |pensive]
[sound |unknown pleasures]

ive come to occupy another more comfortable place now. ive come to rest at a very familiar corner of the house of leaves. a single, solitary morsel of familiarity amidst the unfriendly. the present is not accomodating.


im building a time machine. it is made of brown leaves and cold grey branches. it will transport me into places ive been before. its just that theres a paradox i have to fix in order to save the future.

"you mean the past!"
"exactly!" his wild grin could tear his face apart.

Different colours, different shades
Over each mistakes were made
I took the blame


once i arrived, i bought walkie-talkies and followed myself around town. i watched myself watch other people and could tell that the past was a different place. we built a model of how things have to be to ensure our safe return to the present. i saw myself talk to people i do not know. i saw myself talk to people i have never known.

i couldnt keep up with myself. i lost the trail.