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no news. no current events. no modern cities. no cities of the… - 4no1 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 12th, 2006|01:12 pm]
[location |cave]
[sound |wish it was all true i wish it couldn't be a story]

no news. no current events.

no modern cities. no cities of the future.

no artists. no cellos or violas. no choirs.

no news. sunday. dust-bunnies. overcast.


I feel fat. I feel like I've eaten too much. Like I've lost the motivation to be active. I know my depression is a result of being indoors all the time, of being shut in. There's a huge blanket over my window. My room is a mess. I mean, its tolerable, and there's time to clean it. I still have three hours before I need to go to work. My clothes are dry in the dryer and I can go and get them now, but I can't budge from this spot.

The laptop is a horrible machine. It fits so nicely over blankets. Laptops and pillows combine to create a bonding agent that fuses me to my bed. I need to get a bike. I need to get a bike. I need to get a bike.

I've got these synths, but I haven't been able to write pretty songs. I know I've always wanted to make techno music and dance music, house, but I'm a lot more interested now in ambient music, especially that early 80s atmospheric goth thing. The Cure.

"Some people might say that The Cure's best work can be found on the double-album, pop collection Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me or their equally mild, teenage-angst guitar rock record Wish. These albums are things that go in a compact disc tower, along with records by the Goo Goo Dolls, No Doubt and the Offspring. You might find Depeche Mode's "Speak And Spell" somewhere in between all those modern rock records, maybe even Nine Inch Nails' "The Downward Spiral", but its all stuff you've heard on the radio before. They're all radio-friedly, finely crafted pop gemstones, the kind of songs that inevitably rise to the top of the charts upon release. Songs for commercials. They have merit, but very little soul.

Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography are not like that."

noiselessly across the floor
dancing at the funeral party...

I got sandwiches last night from Milano's for dinner. I didn't expect it would be so filling and disastrous, but today I feel like a lead weight. I am reading The Top 100 Albums Of The 1990s on Pitchfork and downloading the ones I don't already have or don't want.

This particular mix of "Doubt" has a little high-end rattle in the left channel. I love these headphones.

I want a sequencer for Christmas from Santa Claus. A Yamaha RM1X. Its incredibly unlikely I'll ever have $700-800 to drop on something like that. My goals right now revolve around getting better music equipment.